Working with Green Seed

Austin and Emily started The Green Seed in the spring of 2014. This family owned, sustainable landscape design business offers you a unique hands experience. Emily and Austin collaborate to bring their unique set of skills, knowledge, and experiences together in their work. Because of this, they create sustainable landscape designs that will compliment your home and outdoor needs.  

Certified Naturally Grown Nursery

In 2019 we opened our Certified Naturally Grown (GNG) Nursery.  CNG ..."is a grassroots certification that builds farms and communities". We are proud to offer a product that until now was virtually unavailable in our region, ornamental landscape plants grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers and using locally sourced potting soil ingredients as much as possible. We hope that the next time you are planning on purchasing plants for your project you will reach out! 


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- Sustainable Design
- Planting
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Landscape Design

Our goals is to create all of our designs in the most sustainable way possible. As a result we start by incorporating a minimum of 5% (but usually more) native plants in every design. In addition we take careful consideration in all of our other plant selections. We focus on plants that are non-invasive, low maintenance, and require little to no water. We also feature plants that will attract pollinators and support native wildlife. When desired we will incorporate food production plants as well. Also at TGS we love taking out grass and will happily discuss other options for that patch of green. Another sustainable design feature we install are Rain gardens. We encourage rain garden installation because not only are they beautiful, but they can reduce water pollution.

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