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Austin and Emily opened The Green Seed, a local family owned business in 2014. For a few years they ran 3 landscape crews out of Portland Or. In 2018 they moved their local family owned business to Canby, Or. At this time Emily and Austin scaled back The Green Seed to allow them to focus on quality Sustainable Design and Planting projects. During this time The Green Seed was certified as a EcoBiz.

In 2019 The Green Seed opened it’s own Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) nursery! This extension of our business allows us to provide plants for our design jobs in the most sustainable way possible. It also provide plants to individuals and businesses.

Emily Booth Co-Owner of The Green Seed


Emily is a creative, smart, passionate business owner and designer. She has a B.A. in Communications from OSU and a A.A. in design and interactive media from Chemeketa CC. She joined The Green Seed in 2015 to use her design skills to enhance the company, and bring design to the forefront of its mission. In additions to her design work Emily has had hands on experience in all aspects of the landscaping business from the project installations, planting, rain gardens, hardscaping and more.

Emily’s enjoyment of being outdoors and working with plants started at a young age as she grew up with her family in Bend Or.  Lots of time was spent adventuring in the local nursery Land Systems with her dad.

Emily approaches her designs with creativity and the client’s needs in mind. Working with Austin on plant procurement from The Green Seed Nursery, they come up with beautiful and sustainable solutions.,

Austin Booth Co-Owner of The Green Seed


Austin is an educated and knowledgeable landscaper who has a passion for plants, gardening and birding. He has a BS Degree in Natural Resources from Oregon State University, with a wildlife focus. This local family owned business owner has a wide variety of knowledge and experience in landscaping, planting, rain gardens, hardscaping, etc. 

While finishing his bachelor’s degree. Austin worked for a native plant farm which helped fostered his love of plants. After graduating Austin was a freelance landscaper  and worked for a sustainable landscaping company to gain more experience. In the summer of 2014  he started The Green Seed, a local family owned business. Over the last few years together with Emily they have grown the company from a landscape maintenance company into the comprehensive sustainable design and nursery company that it is today.  

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Little Seeds

Three of our favorite helpers are the smallest of the bunch. This lively group keeps us on our toes. Wow, they are fun, bright and active! Nobody on the team loves dirt, grass and being outdoors as much as the Little Seeds. To help out the local family business they are our fairy house consultants and playscape idea testers. These three make up a crucial part of the team.

ecobiz certified business

Certified businesses meet high standards to reduce toxics, prevent pollution, and protect the environment. Each certified location has been visited and evaluated by EcoBiz program staff, and certified by the Oregon DEQ and a local water authority. Public agencies, such as fleet maintenance facilities and parks departments, are also eligible for EcoBiz Certification.


Certified Naturally Grown Logo

Certified Naturally Grown (GNG) Nursery…”is a grassroots certification that builds farms and communities”. We are proud to offer a product that until now was virtually unavailable in our region, ornamental landscape plants grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers and using locally sourced potting soil ingredients as much as possible.


“OLCA is a not-for-profit statewide professional organization that advocates for the landscape industry on local, state and national issues affecting both the profession and the world we live in. OLCA functions through the active volunteer work of our membership.”

*As OLCA members since 2017 OLCA has been a great asset for our company. OLCA provides us with industry information, networking and opportunities for professional landscape development.


We are a preferred contractor for the Backyard Habitat Certification Program a group effort by The Portland Audubon Society and Columbia Land Trust to help reduce the impact of urbanization on our native wildlife populations. The goal of the program is to eliminate invasive plants and increase the use of native plants and garden features such as a rain gardens to provide habitat for native wildlife and reduce pollution in our watersheds which is detrimental to our local aquatic species.

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ecobiz certified business

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