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Currently our nursery is primarily producing plants for our own landscape design jobs. This extension of our business allows us to provide plants for our design jobs in the most sustainable way possible. You can be sure that most of the plants in our designs will be certified naturally grown and can request that they all be. We grow ground covers, vines, perennials, shrubs and a few small trees all without any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. While organic vegetable starts are becoming easier to find, it is nearly impossible to find ornamental landscape plants that are free of synthetic chemicals. We believe our customers should have that option so we decided to grow our own. When you hire us to design your landscape the majority of your plants will come from our nursery. 

Certified Naturally Grown Plants

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How we are Sustainable

Besides avoiding the chemicals used by nearly all other commercial growers our nursery plants are a more sustainable option because of reduced fossil fuels inputs. While some plants are propagated by the grower, oftentimes a grower will have starts shipped in from another nursery that specializes in propagation in a lab via plant tissue culture. After the grower’s crop is ready landscapers and retail nurseries will then either pick up or have the plants shipped to them. Many retail nurseries will purchase plants from out of state, and even from across the country. Sometimes plants will even go through a re-wholesaler before being purchased by landscapers and retail nurseries. You can be sure that most of the plants in our designs will only change hands once when we plant them in your garden and will have less miles on their odometer.

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Certified Naturally Grown

Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) Nursery…”is a grassroots certification that builds farms and communities”. We are proud to offer a product that until now was virtually unavailable in our region, ornamental landscape plants grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers and using locally sourced potting soil ingredients as much as possible.

TGS_CNG Nursery

Looking for CNG plants?

If you are not one of our design clients but you are interested in purchasing some of our sustainably grown plants please email us and we can let you know what we currently have available and pricing. We are not a retail nursery so an appointment is necessary to pick up your order. We have a $75 minimum for all orders..

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