Besides sustainability one of our other core values is the quality of our work. At The Green Seed we love what we do and we work hard to do it well. Our passion for quality is why we have chosen to stay small. This way we can spend more time on the details of every project. Emily and Austin are extremely hands on owners/designers, therefore one of us is checking to ensure your installation meets our high quality standards. Unfortunately As a small company we can not take on all  installations for our designs, so we also work with many talented craftsmen and contractors in the area.  In addition, we are happy to work with your contractor if you already have one. 


The Green Seed, Hardscaping pathways

Each project begins with a quality clean-up. We go through your property to get it cleared, cleaned and ready to work. This can include but is not limited to: weeding, plant removal, sod removal, disposing of existing debris, major trimming jobs, etc.

When the work space is clean we begin to implement the design. This usually starts with hardscaping and carpentry if they are a part of your project.

At TGS we take great pride in our work and enjoy creating functional and aesthetically pleasing hardscapes. As a result your new hardscape won't just complement your landscaping, but enhance it. Whether you are looking for a patio, walkway or retaining wall (up to 4ft tall) we can help.

As for materials we work with both natural stone and manufactured pavers/blocks. For a more budget friendly option also consider 1/4” minus gravel for pathways and patios.

One of our favorite things is coming up with creative quality construction solutions to your outdoor needs. At TGS we specialize in the use of Hogwire fence paneling. Hogwire is a great to work with as it is a simple, inexpensive material yet creates elegant and functional structures.

For instance it is a great support for beautiful flowering vines such as jasmine and clematis. In addition it can be also be used for edible vines such as grapes, kiwis or espalier fruit trees.

After all major elements of the design have been installed, we move on to the finishing details. Finishing work can include minor adjustments to our plants or construction work as well as mulching the property. This is our opportunity to check everything to make sure it meets our quality standard.

When finished with all other work, we clean up the site by removing all construction debris (recycling whenever possible), sweeping and spraying down any surfaces that we used during the installation.